History of jazz

Jazz today refers to a group of musical genres of African-American origin. Its essential characteristics are the enhancement of specific rhythms, the preponderance of improvisation and the particular treatment of instrumental or vocal sonorities, derived at the origin of the imitation of human voices. Jazz has its origins in a cultural mix, the result of the integration of traditions brought from Africa from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century by slaves, with harmonic and melodic instrumental methods invented in Europe. This musical mixing that took place in the United States is at the origin of a large number of musical

Shopping tips: saxophone for beginners

Which saxophone to choose when you start the instrument? In conservatories, it is sometimes possible to borrow an instrument for 1 year. It can also be rented from a specialised store, but this solution will quickly prove to be expensive (around 40 € per month, which means about 450-500 € per year). One day or another, it will be better to consider a purchase, because all students work better when they have THEIR saxophone. There are several options according to the means available to the family: the prices indicated are for alto saxophones and correspond to the prices commonly charged